A Bit About Us.

As a little girl, one of us would buckle with silent laughter during church service while being nudged by her mother to mind her manners. The other grew up playing pranks on her dad and chasing her husband (to-be) on the playground. One of us was a cheerleader and attended modeling school, while the other beat the boys in arm wrestling and threw the javelin in college. We are daughters, sisters, wives and mothers. As grown women, we laugh endlessly at fourth grade humor, push the limits of what is acceptable, and have become badass babes creating intentional lives. We began as mere acquaintances, passing in the daycare pickup line. Soon becoming neighbors, running partners, and ultimately closest of friends. One is a designer, the other a counselor, but both successful entrepreneurs. We have come together on this venture for the love of all things sweet… and the desire to make a difference.

NaughtyGood offers a guilt-free, gourmet bite made from premium ingredients and less added sugar. How can something that tastes so wrong, be so right? We prove that healthy doesn’t have to be limiting and we dare to challenge the traditional view of sweet treats, while promoting a message that is bigger than a bite. A message of kindness and celebration, not intolerance and rivalry. Of lifting each other up, joining forces, raising the ceiling of self-worth… and the floor. We encourage you to mimic our bites by doing good and inspiring others. Define your naughty and be purposefully imperfect. Stop comparing and start honoring the NaughtyGood women in your life… with a box of our bites.